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Piñata Font Bundle (106 Fonts)

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Piñata Font Bundle (106 Fonts)

Piñata Font Bundle (106 Fonts)
106x .OTF | multilingual | cyrillic | Jul 04, 2018 | prew | 11 MB

Info: https://www.youworkforthem.com/font/T9574/pinata-font-bundle-106-fonts/

Piñata font bundle which includes all your favorite fonts and consists of a total of 106 fonts.

So why exactly the bundle of Piñata fonts? It's simple!

▪ Our bundle is very versatile—it features fonts of different types and styles.
▪ Our bundle is self-sufficient. All our fonts perfectly combine with each other and give you truly great opportunities in creativity.
▪ Our bundle is multilingual. Each Piñata font supports over 70+ languages, including Western, Central, Northern European languages and most Cyrillic languages.
▪ Our bundle is organic. Most of the fonts in the bundle were drawn by hand before we digitized and transferred them into a font editor.

The scope of application of this bundle is enormous and is only limited by your imagination: branding, business cards, logos, all kind of packaging, postcards, invitation and congratulation cards, motivation posters, posters and stickers, cases and mugs, t-shirts and caps, kids clothing, any printed materials, hand-made and DIY projects, and a lot of other things.

Fonts included in the bundle:

▪ Blushes
▪ Books Script
▪ Coats
▪ Compotes
▪ Crimsons
▪ Inters
▪ Limes
▪ Pines
▪ Rabbits
▪ Souses
▪ Walls.

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