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CM - Diamond & Metal #2 - 16 Text Styles 1274247

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CM - Diamond & Metal #2 - 16 Text Styles 1274247

CM - Diamond & Metal #2 - 16 Text Styles 1274247

info: https://creativemarket.com/valecf1/1274247-SALE-Diamond-Metal-2-16-Styles

16 Diamond & Metal Text Styles With this beautiful set of diamonds and metal effects for Photoshop you'll be ready for all those shiny parties I'm sure you're thinking of hosting. I have taken special care to include a variety of styles to fit a number of different looks while maintaining the overall theme of diamonds and glittery silver. They are obviously super easy to handle as they'll transform any plain text or shape into something cool looking. One great feature is the ability to adjust everything to fit your particular need. They also work and look amazing on all kinds of fonts and I encourage you to experiment.

Suggested Uses

Invitations (weddings, parties, etc.)
Presentations (PowerPoints, Keynotes, etc.)
Banners, ads and other kinds of branding and marketing campaigns
Logos and titles

What's in the file?

.psd file with effects
.asl file (text styles file)
readme.pdf file for instructions on installing, scaling and what free fonts are used, etc.


Категория: Photoshop / PSD-файлы, исходники

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