GR - Color Exposure Photoshop Action 20801234

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GR - Color Exposure Photoshop Action 20801234

GR - Color Exposure Photoshop Action 20801234


Color Exposure Photoshop Action:
Want to transform a amazing effect of Color Exposure from any photos or image with one click? This is amazing and time saving.
Easy to use and Unlimited color. Work with any image. Starting layer is untouched and everithing is editable after done the action. You will able to change Color, blending, gradiant, Contrast, fx and much more

This pack includes Color Exposure Photoshop layer action for any image. All the instructions are in the Guid.txt file included
Product Detail :
Easy Customizable
1 Click Action
Color Option
FX Controller
Organize layers
Easy Install
User Guid
Easy to Use
High resolution and detail
24 hrs support


Категория: Photoshop / Стили и Экшены для Photoshop

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