MotionVFX mTransition Quake

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MotionVFX mTransition Quake

MotionVFX mTransition Quake
FCPX 10.3.2 (or later) | 50 FCPX transitions | Size 63.4 MB

The incredible dynamism of mTransition Quake allow for a wide range of
modification actions, making them flexible and adaptable to every edit.
Use the list of published parameters to easily customize the look
of each of the transitions.
High-quality, realistic textures give every frame of
those transitions a unique character.
Organic light effects and film burns unify the
components of each shift and make the whole
a concise composition.
If you want your shifts to be mysterious, tense and startling mTransition Quake
is a ready-made solution for your needs. These must-have plugin will bring
on the goosebumps and make your audience shiver.

Категория: Шаблоны Apple Motion

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