Particle Illusion Pro 2024 - Particle Illusion Plugin

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Particle Illusion Pro 2024 - Particle Illusion Plugin

Particle Illusion Pro 2024 - Particle Illusion Plugin
After Effects Integration | 1000s of drag & drop presets | 3D shapes & emitters | RAR 436 MB

Particle Illusion Pro 2024 v17.0.4.594 has 3D deflectors that include rotation and depth, offering improved reliability. The Forces
feature now includes “Direction Turbulence” for creating organic particle motion. These improvements enhance the control and
precision you have over your particle effects.
3D Models as Emitters
A groundbreaking feature of this tool is the ability to import C4D/OBJ files as emitters. This includes options like
model wireframe drawing, providing a unique and innovative way to manipulate objects on the stage.
Updated Gradient Editor and Gradient Presets
The gradient editor has been enhanced with features such as flip, space actions, undo/redo, and a random generator.
Adding color and alpha presets further streamlines your particle workflows,
making achieving the desired visual effects more accessible.
Easier to Use
This introduces a new intuitive workflow that groups control view parameters into labeled sections. This organized layout, coupled
with “de-emphasis” on irrelevant parameters, enhances your focus and makes the application even more user-friendly.
3D Widgets
Including 3D widgets simplifies interaction with emitters and objects in 3D environments. This feature facilitates a more
immersive and hands-on approach to designing particle effects.

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