AtomX Gal Toolkit for Premiere Pro V3.1

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AtomX Gal Toolkit for Premiere Pro V3.1

AtomX Gal Toolkit for Premiere Pro V3.1
PREMIERE CC 2022 and higher | Resizable | RAR 2.2 GB

Premiere Gal created and curated 130 of her favorite sounds in the following categories: Swooshes, Notifications, Interfaces, Data, Clicks, Mouse Clicks, Keyboard, and VHS sounds.
Features :
Easy Application: Drag & Drop or Double Click
Responsive design: Adapts to any aspect ratio, vertical, square, or landscape
Responsive time: animations adapt to new durations
100% Customizable: Update colors, fonts, and sizeAll titles, shapes, and text based elements are customizable with the Essential Graphics panel
Fast render
Media placeholders for lower thirds, messages, lower thirds, and split frames
All categories are neatly organized in the Atomx extension, which is included in this package.
What is included:
Social Media (97), Titles (97), Lower Thirds (50), Timers (16), Interface Items (80), Shapes (90), Typography (30), Transitions (354), Text Animation (65), Color Grading (100), FX (144), Overlays (57), Split Frames (70), Logo Reveal (5), Messages (26), Infographics (55), Backgrounds (51), Sound FX (131) — totalling over 1,550 FX at your finger tips!
Technical Requirements:
Premiere Pro 2022 or above.
Supports both Mac OS and Windows
GPU Cuda, OpenCl, or Metal
Recommended: 16gb ram or above

Категория: Проекты для Premiere Pro

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