Aescript TweiNa v1.2 (WiN / macOS)

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Aescript TweiNa v1.2 (WiN / macOS)

Aescript TweiNa v1.2 (WiN / macOS)
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Push your Illustrator and Photoshop layers to After Effects without the cumbersome process of importing.
Import arbitrary amount of layers from Photoshop to After Effects
Keep smart object’s transformation including position, scale and rotation
Auto crop imported comps to fit content
Photoshop Vector layer convert to After Effects shape layer
Photoshop text layer to After Effects editable text
Smart objects will be converted to link layers, which means it will missing link if the linked file lost.
Deformation methods other than position, scale and rotation will make the appearance of the layer look
different in PS than in AE ( perspective, liquify, warp, etc.)
Multiple artboards will be considered as one big comp
Layer masks are not editable in After Effects
Smart filter cannot imported
Root level group's clip mask and layer style can't be imported
1.2 (Current version) - Apr 14, 2023
• Fix program error after Photoshop v24.3

Категория: Проекты для After Effects / Плагины, пресеты, скрипты

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